John Donne Primary School, Deputy Headteacher

"I really appreciated that the course took under an hour, that your discussion style and elaborations are so accessible, and that I could print out the resources" - Cat Shuttleworth

Feel ready for any conversation

  • 2

    The Key Ingredients

    • The Key ingredients introduction

    • The Key Ingredients presentation

  • 3

    Remaining Resourceful

    • Remaining Resourceful presentation

    • How confident are you to remain resourceful?

  • 4

    Sticking to the POINT

    • Stick to the POINT presentation

  • 5

    Responding Purposefully

    • Responding purposefully introduction

    • Responding purposefully presentation

    • Concluding remarks

  • 6

    Review Assessment

    • Review and reinforce

    • Practice Quiz

    • Official assessment